Trash Guidelines

Trash Collection Days

Trash Collection Calendar (PDF)

Monday and Thursday ( Heavy Trash Collection on Thursday )

  • Amanda Glen
  • Ashley Pointe
  • Blackhawk
  • Clear Brook Landing
  • College Place
  • Estates of Green Tee
  • Highland Meadows
  • Meadows of Clear Creek
  • Sageglen
  • Stillwater Cove
  • Woodmeadow II

Tuesday and Friday ( Heavy Trash Collection on Friday )

  • Riverstone Ranch
  • Clear Brook Meadows


  • The District may utilize deposit funds to pay for excess trash pickup upon disconnecting the account.
  • Containers and bags should be placed curbside within 5 feet of the paved roadway by 6:00 AM.
  • Drums and barrels are NOT considered allowable containers and will be disposed of if left curbside.
  • Trash collection will include disposal of your residential refuse unless restricted by law or if the item would cause damage to the collection equipment.
  • Should your scheduled pick-up day fall on a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s) service will resume on the next SCHEDULED pick-up day.
    Customers must provide their own trash cans or bags.
  • In the event of an “Act of God”, we will collect your waste on the following scheduled collection day.
  • The weight limit for these cans and bags is 40 pounds each. Large trash cans must have all trash bagged for removal.
  • Heavy trash/yard waste (tree limbs, lumber, carpet, etc.) MUST be bundled in 4-foot lengths and tied into small bundles that can be lifted and handled by a single person.
  • Appliances, water heaters, mattresses, heavy or large volumes of yard waste and other household goods appropriate for disposal shall be placed within five feet of the curb for collation of the designated heavy trash days. A maximum of eight (8) trash items will be accepted each respective heavy trash day.
  • Monday/Thursday Pickup (heavy trash on Thursday) – Ashley Pointe, Amanda Glen, Blackhawk, Clear Brook Landing, College Place, Highland Meadow, Sageglen, Meadows of Clear Creek, Estates of Green Tee, Stillwater Cove, and Wood Meadow subdivisions.
  • Tuesday/Friday Pickup (heavy trash on Friday) – Clear Brook Meadows and Riverstone Ranch subdivisions.
  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers or items that contain CFCs (Freon), by law, must have the gas and compressor removed by a licensed technician and be red-tagged prior to collection.
  • All branches and tree limbs may be no larger than 4″ in diameter.
  • No landscape or construction business debris will be removed. Private contractors are responsible for removal of all debris associated with their work. (Fencing, drywall, concrete, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste is not accepted. Go to HCHHW.ORG (Harris County Hazardous Waste Mate­rial) to make an appointment. Phone is 281-560-6200 for any questions.  They are located at 6900 Hahl Rd., Houston, TX. 77040.
    • Construction debris
    • Cross ties
    • Logs or stumps
    • Soil or rocks
    • Solvents, paint
    • Petroleum products (Oil)
    • Fertilizer
    • Herbicides, pesticides
    • Batteries of any type
    • Medical Waste
  • Cooking Oil Only:
    • The trash companies will NOT take cooking/frying oil that is not solidified. To dispose of cooking/frying oil, purchase dry spill (oil absorbent), sawdust or kitty litter to solidify oil. Place in sealed container and set out for collection. The trash company will NOT take cooking/frying oil that is in liquid form.
    • Cooking Oil may also be dropped off at the Clear Lake City Water Authority Cooking Oil Recycling Station Facility:
      Address: 17507 El Camino Real, Houston, Texas 77058
      (Address is on El Camino Real, but you will turn down Beacon Street, oil recycling container is outside of the fenced area around the water tower.)  Open to anyone living in the surrounding area.
  • The trash collection company will leave a tag explaining the reason for non-collected item(s).
  • Amounts in excess of a total of eight (8) trash items such as residential refuse, yard trimmings or bulk items, if not notified in advance, the trash collection company will meet with the resident prior to collection day to determine a price. Call the office at (281) 484-1562 to schedule an appointment. If a resident does not notify the trash collection company of such a special pick-up before its scheduled day, then the trash collection company will leave a notice for the resident to contact the contractor during normal office hours before the next scheduled pick-up day.
  • Residents wishing to discard of construction debris, non-residential landscaping debris, fencing, etc. from home repairs or from any outside source via curbside pick-up may call the office at 281-484-1562 to receive a bid from the trash company.
  • Residents wishing to discard of construction debris, fencing, etc. from home repairs may take it to:
    • GFL
      • 550 Old Genoa Red-Bluff Road, Houston, Texas 77034
    • Texas Pride Disposal has arranged special pricing for District residents.
      • $12.50 per Cubic Yard
      • $40 Minimum Charge
      • $40 Pull Off
      • *All prices are subject to change.
    • The following rules must be followed to use GFL location:
      • No one under the age of 16 is allowed. NO Exceptions!
      • Anyone entering must wear a High-Visibility Safety Vest and Hard Hat.
      • MUST have a paper copy of a CBC MUD statement to get rates posted on calendar and website.
      • You MUST provide valid picture ID with address matching the statement.
  • Should you have any further questions or if you have a problem concerning trash issues, please call Clear Brook City MUD General Manager of Administration Cecelia Ganje at (832) 250-6756 for assistance. NO calls after 9 pm.

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