Dear resident:

Well, this is another one of those letters you would rather “not” receive and we would rather “not” send.

We have not increased our water/sewer bill for two years. As you are aware, the over-the-top inflation has resulted in an all-time historic high for services and goods post COVID for everyone.

Moving forward these next two years (2023 & 2024), our water costs from the Southeast Water Plant will increase 20%; our sewer costs from the City of Houston Sagemont plant will increase 12%; our constable’s cost from Harris County will increase 10% and our fire and ambulance cost from the Southeast Volunteer Fire Department will increase 55%. Trash collection is a bid item that will increase 28.5%. However, this is still lower than our surrounding communities.

These five substantial and important services are all provided by others over which we have no control. As a service company, we have kept our direct employee labor cost to less than 5.9% of the budget.

Clear Brook City MUD has reduced our tax rate this year by 9%. We continue to offer a 20% homestead exemption along with a $75,000 over 65 and disability exemption that are both one of the highest in the state. In essence, our combined tax and water bill costs will continue to be significantly lower than the MUD’s and cities in the surrounding area.

The new minimum bill will be $91.14. The rates for water/sewer usage for over the base rate will remain the same.

We cannot ignore this difficult but necessary increase. The referenced increases above only account for five of the major costs passed on to CBC MUD from our vendors. For the past two years, we have absorbed the rising costs of chemicals, supplies and equipment used for maintaining the plants and lift stations, park maintenance, vehicle maintenance and the maintenance building upkeep.

Thus, this rate change will allow the District to absorb any increases in the next two years and will have your rates remain the same until December 31, 2024. The rate increase will appear on your next statement.


Clear Brook City MUD Board of Directors