Notice of Smoke Testing

We are currently working on rehabilitating the existing Sanitary Sewer Service connections in your area. This work is being done to rebuild and improve the sanitary sewer systems in your neighborhood. We will be smoke testing the sewer lines will begin on November 5, 2019 AT 9:00 AM. This will help to identify any potential points of inflow and infiltration in the public portion of the sanitary sewer system. The contractor will place a front door hanger reminder at your home 48 hours before testing will begin in your area.

Smoke will be added to the sewer manholes. You may see white smoke coming out of your roof vents. Do not be alarmed as this is normal. The smoke is nontoxic and will disappear rapidly without leaving an odor. If smoke enters your house, please open the windows to allow for ventilation. The smoke will clear within a few minutes.

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