Sanitary Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation – Easement Access and Restoration Update

Clear Brook City MUD continues to work on old sewer lines and manhole rehabilitation in the Sageglen, Highland Meadow and Wood Meadow subdivisions.  The District hired Nerie Construction to make those necessary upgrades.  Areas affected by this work will be in our utility easement area which will be located in the front and backyards of homes.  Digging will be required.

The District is working in our utility easement area for which the law does not allow for restoration of personal property.  While this is a necessary part of the upgrades, the work area will be kept to a minimum. The District has chosen to require the contractor to give residents a notice 48 hours prior to the work beginning in their yard.  This is not a requirement, however, the Board wanted to make certain that residents have an opportunity to safely remove personal items that may be obstructing the utility easement.

Items located in the utility easement of the backyard will need to be removed by the homeowner within the alloted 48 hour timeline so that the work may be begin in a timely fashion.  Should the contractor have to remove any items, they will be set to the side in the yard and the District and contractor will bear no responsibility for any damage.   The sole responsibility for restoration or replacement of items whether damaged or not will be the homeowners.  Items to be removed include buildings, pools, hot tubs, swing sets, trees, shrubs, flower beds, decks, decorative items, mulch, etc.

The actual work to replace the sewer lines will take 3 – 5 working days to complete.  Restoration of the yard will follow about 1 – 2 weeks behind the completion of the line and manhole work.  Restoration by the contractor will consist of the return of the existing fence and sod ONLY.  All other restoration which includes buildings, decks, trees, shrubs, flower beds, etc. will be the sole responsibility of the resident.  Additionally, residents will be solely responsible for the watering of new sod to insure its’ survival.   The total time from when the work begins to the completion of restoration at your residence should be approximately 3-4 weeks with weather permitting.

The District and contractor are working diligently to ensure open communication of project details, that residents experience no interruption in services, construction areas are left clear and free of debris and restoration of sod and existing fencing are completed within the estimated 4 week timeline – weather permitting.  If you are experiencing slow moving sewer or a sewer back-up after the work is completed, call the District at 281-484-1562 or the contractor at 281-733-3388 immediately.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time as we proactively work to provide affordable services to our residents.



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